Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ugg Season? Already?

Hellooooo to one and all... You know that feeling that you get when you can't think of a word for something? Like it keeps nagging you in the gut? Because that is exxxx-actually how I feel right now. Now, what's the word that I'm trying to come up with??? Wait for it...waitttt for it......JUXTAPOSITION! Ah, there we go. Much better.

Juxtaposition = two objects or texts that oppose one another (according to Wikipedia)

This morning at school officially marked the beginning of Ugg season. Now, granted, I live in Michigan where the weather seems to change from one minute to the next, and it was pretty cold this morning, but I couldn't help but notice that in every single class I was in, there would be a girl, clad in your typical jacket/sweater and jeans with Ugg boots, while sitting right next to her might be another girl in a T-shirt, short shorts, and flip flops. Uhh, juxtapose, anyone?

Apparently, for me, it's boots season too...
^Suede boots with studded buckle straps, available at

How much do you love those suede boots? Huh?? Huh?? Welll, ok, they aren't exactly my favorite pair out there, but they're still pretty darn awesome, right? Edgy, but with a bit of a feminine flair, especially when paired with some skinny jeans or tights/leggings. I found them during my daily scouring of the internet. Oh, wonderful computer. Where would I be without you?

Oh dear... I smell something burning downstairs in the kitchen...(please please please please please don't let it be the roast duck that was cooking) Better go check it out!! Til next time...

-Oodles of love-

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  1. Hi, I've just started a blog too! Not really got the hang of it, but Im sure we are going to become super bloggers! :)

    Mine is if you want to check it out!